Rural Ontario needs
affordable energy.
Natural gas is the
single most important
investment that will
give farms, businesses
and rural residents the
competitive edge to
drive growth.


We need natural gas now.

Energy is one of the largest inputs on farms,
and a significant cost to rural residents and
local business owners. Rural Ontario is faced
with soaring costs of energy - mostly the cost of electricity.

Natural gas is a clean, affordable energy source
that is readily available in urban Ontario.
It's time for a real investment in competitive energy to help rural Ontario grow.

Did you know that if natural gas was available
across the province, it could save Ontario
farmers, business owners and rural residents
more than $1 billion in annual energy costs?

$36.4 Billion

Ontario's agriculture and
agri-food sector contributes $36.4
billion to Ontario's annual GDP

790,000 People
790,000 jobs are generated
by the agriculture and
agri-food sector in Ontario

That's a bigger economic impact
than any other single industry
in the province.

Take Action

Rural Ontario is alive with innovation, opportunities and economic activity...
but it needs infrastructure and access to competitively priced inputs to continue
to thrive and drive the economy.

What we need

A real commitment from the provincial
government to investment in natural gas
infrastructure across rural Ontario.

Why we need natural gas.

To provide affordable energy options for farms
and rural businesses to jumpstart rural

Who needs natural gas.

Everyone who lives and works in rural Ontario,
and that includes farmers, local businesses,
schools and hospitals.

What will natural gas mean.

Access to natural gas across rural Ontario will
dramatically reduce energy costs for farms,
businesses and rural communities. Natural gas
is an important way to keep rural Ontario
competitive and help meet the Premier's
challenge for growth
in the agri-food sector.

How will this happen.

We're working with provincial government and
gas companies to develop a fair and equitable
way to install new natural gas pipeline across
rural Ontario every year for the next 20 years.

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This information is brought to you by a partnership of these organizations representing
ratepayers, farms and businesses in rural Ontario. We're working together to strengthen the
commitment to natural gas across Ontario to build stronger rural communities.

Ontarion Federation of Agriculture
Eastern Ontario Warderns' Caucus
Western Ontario Wardens' Caucus
Rural Ontario Institute
Ontario Agricultural Commodity council
Dairy Farmers of Ontario